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How to Buy a Car Wash Business

After analyzing the basics on buying a car wash, the next step is to locate the business to buy. There are listings for sale by owner as well as car wash brokers that specialize in this industry. Once the potential locations are found, the following should be taking into consideration when buying a car wash.

1. The first question one should ask is the reason for the sale of the Car Was Business. It is necessary to always ask the owner why is he or she selling a successful business, especially if the ROI seems very attractive.

2. Drive around the area and research the competition, especially within a 10 mile radius of the desired location. Ask yourself what are the advantages and disadvantages of the car wash in consideration. How is it run relative to the competition. Is there a potential to increase sales? How old is the equipment? What are the fixed and variable costs?

3. Contact the city or county department to check on the necessary licenses and permits for car washes

4. Find out what kind of insurance do you need to run a car wash.

5. You will need to apply for a vendors license from the Franchise Tax Board to buy and sell products or snacks if you plan to run a full service car wash.

6. Make sure you set your expectations at the right level. You'll need to have all of the aspects of running the business worked out for the short and long term, a car wash requires a substantial investment that will take several years to get back.

7. Research your options for financing with banks or finance companies that specialize in the industry. Usually, one can finance about 50% of the cost of an existing Car Wash.

8. Consider all costs of running the business. From maintenance to wages for employees.
Talk to as many car wash owners of existing Car Washes in the area to get an idea and set an expectation for yourself. Ask about the problems they've had, what they would do differently, and whether they are satisfied with their business. Buying an existing business is a lot easier, but usually will be more expensive than starting your own.

9. Seek help from experts in the car wash industry. Preferably a broker or a consultant hired by YOU, dual agents (those that represent both the buyer and the seller) usually have a bias towards the seller because of the commission generated by the sale . It is of utmost importance to have someone experienced to walk you thru utility bills, revenue projections, costs, etc. A relatively small fee can save you a money, headaches, and even litigation.

10. Hire a Lawyer to go over contracts and leases.

11. Check what are the revenues relative to water. For instance, look at the water bills and calculate how many HCFs (Hundred Cubic Feet of Water) does the car wash need to generate a certain amount of revenue. Check the water meter and run several tests to verify revenue is accurate and not being over stated. If you need help with in verifying revenues using this method, contact us for a consultation.


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