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Buying a Car Wash

Some investors prefer buying existing car washes as a way to get in the industry but as in any existing business, a buyer will usually pay a premium for an successful established business. Car Wash businesses vary in size and business model, therefore one should examine what is the best option relative to one's lifestyle and financial goals. Small car washes (mobile car washes) can go for a few thousand and bigger car washes in high traffic locations can cost several million.  Before buying a car wash the following should be considered:

Return On Investment - ROI

- As an investor, you should have an expectation of your Return on Investment.

Car Wash as a Part Time Business or Absentee Operation

- Car Washes can be self serve or can be full service. Which time of operation are you most comfortable with? how much time are you willing to dedicate to this business?

Tax Benefits

- Existing Car Washes have equipment that can be depreciated over time regardless of how old the equipment is. What are your tax considerations?


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